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about is the platform for the professional audio services of Yoda. You can rent his ears.
They have developed over the last 15 years, being exposed to experiences in sound engineering (studio and live), in producing various kinds of musical styles and as being attached to an artist. That’s why provide quality sound.
From the formal education perspective Yoda has a Master of Applied Computer Science. Nothing he‘s particularly proud of, but that’s why he copes well with all the technical stuff in the studio environment. And that’s why we at build upon a plethora of background knowledge some think of as being a bit dull.
We provide quality sound with reasonable low prices. Instead of investing in a major recording facility with super-duper high end equipment which stacks from floor to ceiling, we operate some necessary high-end components. The low costs are passed on to our customers.
Our service is quick and flexible. Test us! If you are not satisfied, you’ll get your money back! No snag, no small print.
Yes, we do business on this basis, because customers usually pay for the value they get. It’s just fair.
Instant top quality sound
or your money back - guaranteed!